CrmService in CRM 3.0 and CRM 4.0.

Suppose we have a custom entity named Test


Name, First Name and Last Name as varchar field.

And Picklist field called Hobby with default value as Music.

If we are creating a new record for this entity using CrmService from an external application, by only specifying value of First Name field.

It would create the record for us, however the value for Hobby picklist field would be null (it won’t consider the default value set for it)


However if we create the same record in CRM 4.0 either by using CrmService’s 3.0 end point or 4.0 end point, in both the cases the value for Hobby field would be set to Music, even though we hadn’t specified any value for it while creating the record.


CRM 4.0 does take in to account the default value set for the fields. So the records created would have proper default value set for those fields even if no value has been assigned to them, while creating the record.



Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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