Sample code for Inserting a lead record from a .NET application : Oracle CRM On Demand

First download the wsdl file for the lead record from Oracle CRM On Demand web application.

Add web references to it within a .NET windows application.

Use the following code for inserting the lead record.

We need to specify value for all the required field for the record to get inserted.

        String loginUrlString = "";
        String logoffUrlString ="";
        String siebelUserName = "username/password";
        String siebelPassword ="password";
        String opportunityUrl = ";jsessionid=";
        String sessionID = "";
        Private void Form1_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
            // Get the session from the helper Class ManageSession
             sessionID = ManageSession.Login(loginUrlString, siebelUserName, siebelPassword);

            //Create the New lead record instandce And Set its url With proper session id
             Lead myLead = New Lead();
             myLead.Url = ";jsessionid=" + sessionID;

            // create arrary Of lead record To be inserted
             LeadData[] myLeadData = New LeadData[1];
             myLeadData[0] = New LeadData();
             myLeadData[0].LeadFirstName = "Nishant";
             myLeadData[0].LeadLastName = "Rana";
             myLeadData[0].Source = "Email";
             myLeadData[0].dLead_Generation_Date = Convert.ToDateTime("7/30/2010");
             myLeadData[0].LeadOwner = "Nishant Rana";
             myLeadData[0].dLead_Generation_dateSpecified = True;             

            // add lead data array To listofLeadData Class
             ListOfLeadData myLstLeadData = New ListOfLeadData();
             myLstLeadData.Lead = myLeadData;

            // create an instance Of leadinsert_input Class
            LeadInsert_Input myLeadRecordInput = New LeadInsert_Input();
            myLeadRecordInput.ListOfLead = myLstLeadData;
            LeadInsert_Output myLeadRecordOutput = myLead.LeadInsert(myLeadRecordInput);    



The sample code for the ManageSession.cs class

 class ManageSession
        public static string SessionID = "";
        public static String Login(String loginUrlString, String userName, String password)
                // create a http request and set the headers for authentication
                HttpWebRequest myRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(loginUrlString);
                HttpWebResponse myResponse;
                myRequest.Method = "POST";
                // passing username and password in the http header 
                // username format if it includes slash should be the forward slash /
                myRequest.Headers["UserName"] = userName;
                myRequest.Headers["Password"] = password;
                myResponse = (HttpWebResponse)myRequest.GetResponse();
                Stream sr = myResponse.GetResponseStream();
                // retrieve session id
                char[] sep = { ‘;’ };
                String[] headers = myResponse.Headers["Set-Cookie"].Split(sep);
                for (int i = 0; i <= headers.Length – 1; i++)
                    if (headers[i].StartsWith("JSESSIONID"))
                        sep[0] = ‘=’;
                        SessionID = headers[i].Split(sep)[1];
            catch (WebException webException)
                return webException.Message;
            catch (Exception ex)
                return ex.Message;
            // send back the session id that should be passed to subsequent calls 
            // to webservices 
            return SessionID;

        public static String Logoff(String logoffUrlString, string SessionID)
            HttpWebRequest req = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(logoffUrlString);          
            // set the session id in header
            req.Headers["JSESSIONID"] = SessionID;
            // make the HTTP call
            HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse)req.GetResponse();
            return resp.StatusCode.ToString();



Hope it helps !



Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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  1. Could you please share code for deleting a attachment from Admin -> Content Management -> Manage Attachment.

    I need it urgently.

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