Cancel delete using PreDelete callout.

Just an example of using PreDelete callout !!!

public override PreCalloutReturnValue PreDelete(CalloutUserContext userContext,
   CalloutEntityContext entityContext,
   ref string errorMessage)
   // Use retrive to get the status value
   CrmService service=new CrmService();
   service.CallerIdValue=new CallerId();

   // Get status value
   ColumnSet cols=new ColumnSet();
   cols.Attributes=new String[]{“statuscode”};

   BusinessEntity busEntity= service.Retrieve(EntityName.salesorder.ToString(),entityContext.InstanceId,cols);

   salesorder poOrder=(salesorder)busEntity;
   // check for PO status value
   string poStatusValue=poOrder.statuscode.Value.ToString();

   // if status is found cancel the event and show error message
    errorMessage = “Aborting delete : Record cannot be deleted !”;
    return PreCalloutReturnValue.Abort;
   return PreCalloutReturnValue.Continue;


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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