CRM Customization Import failed Error: Invalid name prefix


While importing customization from development to staging server we were receiving the error.

It was giving the error on a particular relationship “opportunity_new_dataaudit”.

What we did was to comment the entire EntityRelationShip tag for that particular relationship along with it’s corresponding EntityMap entry in the customization.xml


<EntityRelationship Name=”Opportunity_New_DataAudit“>
<Description description=”Unique identifier for Opportunity associated with Data Audit.” languagecode=”1033″ />
<field name=”new_opportunityid” requiredlevel=”none” imemode=”auto” lookupstyle=”single” lookupbrowse=”0″>
<displayname description=”Opportunity” languagecode=”1033″ />


<AttributeMaps />

And than we tried importing it and it worked for us.

And there was another way we were able to resolve this error, quite interestingly when we changed the name of EntityRelationship from



<EntityRelationship Name=”new_Opportunity_New_DataAudit“>

i.e simply appending new_ to relationship name in the customization.xml it imported successfully !


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

2 thoughts on “CRM Customization Import failed Error: Invalid name prefix”

  1. worked for me as well, import was successfully! Anyway I was wondering if this could throw some new errors or other complications!


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