Earned “Top 10 in October 2018 Blog Leaderboard” badge in Dynamics 365 Community

This month I was awarded the “Top 10 in October 2018 Blog Leaderboard” badge in Microsoft Dynamics Community.



Thanks to all the readers and the subscribers of the blog.

Check the below post as well.






Earned “Top 10 in September 2018 Blog Leaderboard” badge in Dynamics 365 Community

I have my blog syndicated to Dynamics 365 Community.

We can request our existing blog to be syndicated to Microsoft Dynamics Community which I would strongly recommend all the Dynamics 365 bloggers out there.

Click the below link to get all the details à


With blog syndicated, your blog post would also be published to Dynamics community as well and active participation in the community, either through blog post or through answering in forums etc. is rewarded through badges by Microsoft, which I believe is nice way of encouraging and recognizing the community contributors.

Check all the badges here à


In fact, there is a badge if you ask your first question in the forum

For last month September 2018, I got the Top 10 in September 2018 Blog Leaderboard badge

We can also check our rank in the leaderboard


We can also check the leaderboard for the lifetime


Our Dynamics Community is one of the best out there and so would also request and recommend all the Dynamics 365 Professionals to actively participate and contribute in the community, ask question regarding the issues you are facing, answer few of them or at least read all the answered questions to see what issues one can face during the implementation and the solution to it.

Keep learning..

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