The type or namespace name ‘RSASignaturePadding’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Security.Cryptography’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) in Unit Test Project.

Was getting the below error while trying to build a unit test project (framework version 4.5.2) in VS 2012.

Delete the .messages file as suggested in some forums, but that didn’t help.

Just tried building the project by changing the Target Framework to 4.6.

That worked and after that on switching back the target version to 4.5.2 also worked.

Helpful post

Hope it helps..

“Empty results generated: No binaries were instrumented. Make sure the tests ran, required binaries were loaded, had matching symbol files, and were not excluded through custom settings” issue in Code Coverage in Visual Studio 2012


I was getting the above message while analyzing the code coverage for a Unit Test case written for a Plugin using Microsoft Fakes.

Followed this article

And also deleted the .SUO file (hidden file in the root of the solution) and also restarted the Visual Studio. Re-running the code coverage worked properly this time.

Hope it helps.

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