My Favorite – Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

Sharing some of my favorites

  • Select entire line of code

Put the cursor anywhere in that line of code and without selecting anything just press ctrl + c or ctrl + x

Here I have put my cursor just before the var declaration.

Pressing ctrl + x will cut the entire line

  • Use ALT key to make selection from middle of the line spanning multiple lines and replace the content.

Press and hold Alt while making the selection to select the content from the middle, instead of beginning of the next line.

Also, here we can start typing to replace the content.

  • Change selected text’s case

  • Ctrl +] to move to the matching brace and Ctrl + Shift +] to select everything between matching braces.

  • Move between methods inside using Visual Studio

Using Edit à Next Method and Previous Method we can easily navigate between the methods

  • Use cw code snippet for Console.WriteLine

  • Show Output Window when build starts

Navigate to Tools à Options to enable this setting

  • Use Shift + Enter to place “;” at the end of line
  • Use Peek Definition to get details of the referenced property or method

Use Preview Tooltip for vertical scroll bar

Go to Options à All Languages à Scroll Bars and check Show Preview Tooltip

This will show the preview of the source code at that point.

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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