Audit Information not getting retrieved using SSIS/KingswaySoft Adapter

Update – 29 Oct 2018 –-> We are getting the same issue in one of the entities and it has audit enabled. We have a raised a support ticket for it. Will update the post with the solution.

A few days back I wrote about how we can use CDS/CRM Source component of KingswaysSoft Adapter to get the audit information.

Recently while writing a package for getting audit details against one of the entities, we realized that the records were not getting retrieved and also, we were not getting any error or exception. The package kept on running.

Setting timeout in the CRM Connection Manager also didn’t stop the package, it kept running without retrieving the records.

After spending a good amount of time, we realized the silly mistake that we had made. We were running the package against the entity for which Audit was not enabled.

Thanks to KingswaySoft Support team for their relentless support.

Ideally, we should have been more careful before running the package against that entity, and also it will be helpful if the tool can also check if the audit is enabled for an entity before beggning the execution and if the audit is not enabled inform back the user or at least return 0 rows and complete its execution successfully.

Hope it helps..

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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