Common Data Service for Apps – Business Rules (Server-Side Logic) – Part 6

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With Spring 2018 release, Microsoft introduced several types of server-side logic including Business Process Flows, Workflows, Calculated & Rollup Fields and Business Rules which do not require any coding. Part 5 of this series covers Calculated & Rollup Fields. In this blog we will explore Business Rules.

Business Rules: Declarative logic comprises of conditions and actions for data accuracy and consistency across applications. Business Rules provide a nice graphical UI for defining these rules and actions that will be executed synchronously when a record is created/updated. These rules are created at entity level in common data services, hence you do not need to write separate logic for individual apps (canvas & model driven apps)

You can perform below actions using business rules:

  • Set field values
  • Clear field values
  • Set field requirement levels
  • Show or hide fields
  • Enable or disable fields
  • Validate data and show error messages
  • Create business recommendations based…

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