More Liquid Markup in Dynamics 365 Retrieving Entity Record Data (Part 2)

Liquid Markup to show Entity Record in Portal in Dynamics 365


Before we dive into today’s tutorial, today Adoxio (the consulting arm of the old Adxstudio) released Adoxio Connect Framework to allow seamless integration to other platforms.  Something I will be definitely checking out.

Retrieving Dynamics 365 Data with Liquid

In Part 1 we looked at a very basic Web Template using Liquid.  One of the great things about the Liquid Markup code is that it can be incorporated into other areas like Web Page copy and Content Snippets.

Microsoft’s implementation of Liquid can also be used to show data from Dynamics 365 (Customer Engagement).

In my example, I am going to use Liquid to retrieve an Invoice and show the Invoice Name, the Invoice Status and the Invoice Amount and display that on a Web page.

In order to be able to show some data, we need to be able to know what record we want to pull from Dyn365…

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Author: Nishant Rana

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