Adding my first custom button in CRM 2011

Suppose we want to add a button next to “Save & Close” button in Account Entity’s form.

To do that we need to define a CustomAction child element to CustomActions element within RibbonDiffXml.

Export the solution containing the account entity.

Attributes for CustomAction are

ID– Give it any unique id.

Location– For defining location we first need to find out the id for Save group within the MainTab of the form and then append _children to it.

_children needs to be defined to add a custom button to an existing group.

Open the accountribbon.xml file within

.. sdk\samplecode\cs\client\ribbon\exportribbonxml\exportedribbonxml\

There we can find the following info.

<Groups Id=”Mscrm.Form.account.MainTab.Groups“>

<Group Id=”
Mscrm.Form.account.MainTab.Save Command=”Mscrm.Enabled Sequence=”10 Title=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save Image32by32Popup=”/_imgs/ribbon/save32.png Template=”Mscrm.Templates.Flexible2“>

<Controls Id=”

<Button Id=”Mscrm.Form.account.SaveAsComplete ToolTipTitle=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save.SaveAsComplete ToolTipDescription=”$Resources(EntityDisplayName):Ribbon.Tooltip.SaveAsComplete Command=”Mscrm.SavePrimaryActivityAsComplete Sequence=”10 LabelText=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save.SaveAsComplete Alt=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save.SaveAsComplete Image16by16=”/_imgs/ribbon/SaveAsCompleted_16.png Image32by32=”/_imgs/ribbon/SaveAsCompleted_32.png TemplateAlias=”o1

Sequence : For sequence first find out the sequence defined for Save & Close button.

<Button Id=”Mscrm.Form.account.SaveAndClose ToolTipTitle=”$Resources:Mscrm_Form_Other_MainTab_Save_SaveAndClose_ToolTipTitle ToolTipDescription=”$Resources(EntityDisplayName):Ribbon.Tooltip.SaveAndClose Command=”Mscrm.SaveAndClosePrimary
LabelText=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save.SaveAndClose Alt=”$Resources:Ribbon.Form.MainTab.Save.SaveAndClose Image16by16=”/_imgs/ribbon/saveandclose16.png Image32by32=”/_imgs/ribbon/saveandclose32.png TemplateAlias=”o1

So now our CustomAction should look like this

<CustomAction Id=”CA_MyFirstButton Location=”Mscrm.Form.account.MainTab.Save.Controls._children Sequence=”31“>

Now we next need to define CommandUIDefinition and Button child element to our CustomAction



LabelText=My First Button

ToolTipTitle=My First Button Tool Tip Title

ToolTipDescription=My First Button Tool Tip Description






Here we are using the existing icon of Save and Close button.

Save the file, zip it as a part of the solution and import and publish it.

Final definition should look something like this. 

 LabelText="My First Button"
 ToolTipTitle="My First Button Tool Tip Title"
 ToolTipDescription="My First Button Tool Tip Description"

Hope it helps !

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

9 thoughts on “Adding my first custom button in CRM 2011”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve done all the settings and the code correctly here. Rechecked the syntax also many times.Still the button is not appearing in the Account form. Could you let me know what is pending here to do?



  2. Hi,

    I’ve done all the settings and the code correctly here. Rechecked the syntax also many times.Still the button is not appearing in the Account form. Could you let me know what is pending here to do?.



  3. Hi,

    Can I pass a dynamic value to to be passed as a query string to the URL, where the dynamicValue is field on the entity form?

    Thank you.


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