MVP’s around the World

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EighTwOne (821)

mvpUpdated July 3rd:  Includes newly registered awardees and awardees who changed category. Added overview of Office Servers and Services numbers over last couple of years.

With the latest annual award cycle, one might be curious which impact it had on the MVP population. I performed a similar exercise last year to compare the impact of the start of the new award cycle. This year, all the MVP’s previously on the January and October cycles were also included in the reviews, making this year the first one where MVP leads and others had to perform the dauntless task of reviewing community contributions of over 3,500 people.

For comparison, I had a look at the public MVP statistics of July 1st against those of June 26th, to exclude significant noise from the monthly awardees. To start, let us first have a look at the total population of MVP’s. From the numbers…

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Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

One thought on “MVP’s around the World”

  1. MS CRM: I would like to mask four attributes(ID,Name, phone,fax) on “Account” entity. Any one of the attribute or all attributes may be part of any “fetchxml request/query expression” along with other attributes.
    1) I registered a plugin on “RetreiveMultiple” on entity “Account”.
    2) I am able to capture the request call from entity “Account” on load of main form/advance find/quickfind/lookupview and mask these four attributes and display in the grid with masked data.
    Issue : When ever these four attribute’s ( from entity account ) called from different entity (like Opotunity/reports/service call) these attributes are displaying the “Original” (not masked) values. I would like to mask these values even in these scenario as well.

    Please suggest


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