Changing SharePoint DateTimeControl Control DateFormat to DD/MM/YYYY

Samim khan

Recently I faced a problem while using SharePoint DateTimeControl in visual WebPart although the Culture of the site was set to ‘en-gb’ the SharePoint DateTimeControl was still showing the DateTime in the ‘MM/DD/YYYY’ Format. After some googling I found that I shall have to change th LocaleId of the control as well

To change the Date Format of SharePoint DateTimeControl  to ‘DD/MM/YYYY’ add LocaleId=”2057″


<SharePoint:DateTimeControl ID=”dtStartDate” CssClassTextBox=”DateControlformfield” runat=”server” DateOnly=”True”         IsRequiredField=”True” LocaleId=”2057″ />

Or to find more LocaleId appropriate to your requirement please see the below link

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Author: Nishant Rana

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