CRM 2013 Tool – CRM 2013 One Click Navigation

Fixes some of the navigation issues in CRM 2013..

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Gather round children Uncle Ben is going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time Microsoft updated it’s CRM version from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 and during this process removed the popular left hand navigation and replaced it with a better looking but much harder to use new navigation.  Highlights of the new navigation

Top menu disappearing just as  you try to go to it (this has been fixed a bit in the latest rollup because it stays there longer)

impossible to find Advanced find button

a smaller command bar with only room for 5 items (bumped up to 7 in the latest release)

To speed this story up,  Rockton Software commissioned a contest to see who could create the best solution to help the CRM 2013 navigation.   CRM MVP’s from all the land flocked round to battle it in a winner takes all ($5000 reward).  You…

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Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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