Minimum Permissions Required for Dynamics CRM 2011 Setup, Services, and Components

Nice guide to follow while planning for installation.

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I have been asked to figure out the minimum permissions required to install CRM 2011.  I dig around and I didn’t realize the product group already put the information in the Implementation Guide (IG).  I found the article below from the CRM 2011 IG, just in case you are looking for it, here you go.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed so that its components can run under separate identities. By specifying a domain user account that is granted only the permissions necessary to enable a particular component to function, you help secure the system and reduce the likelihood of exploitation.

This topic describes the minimum permissions that are required by the user account for Microsoft Dynamics CRM services and components.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup

The user account used to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup that includes the creation of databases requires the following minimum permissions:

  • Be a…

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