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Microsoft Dynamics world recently had a survey to find out the best CRM blogs, Richard Knudson discusses the top 5 on his blog this week, which you can read about here.  Although Richard is talking about it because he is featured at number 4.  He certainly deserves to be in the top 5, his blog is consistently excellent, especially considering he is a one man band, where as other blogs featured have a few contributors.

Since I have been using Netvibes I can subscribe to lots of CRM blogs but it is these 5 which produce some of the best articles.  Not only do they produce the best blog entries but the volume of blog entries is incredible from these blogs

Here’s an executive summary, starting with the listing of the top five:

  1. The official Microsoft Dynamics Team Blog
  2. The Customer Effective Blog
  3. A CRM Riff by Jim Glass
  4. Richard Knudson’s Dynamics CRM Trick Bag (this…

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