Assign approvals to any user in the Tenant – Power Automate

We recently implemented Approvals, and we required that any user in the tenant should be able to provide approval.

For one of the users, we got the below error while testing the flow.


This was because we were using the Security Group to control access to Dataverse Environment.

So adding the user to the Security Group fixed the issue for us.

The user had the required CRM /Dataverse license.

More on that –

Next, we ran into an another issue with one more user’s account and got the below error.


The user was unlicensed so we thought that could be the issue. However, for other unlicensed users it was working fine, on running the flow, the user was getting added to CRM with Approvals User security role.

Next, we checked the AllowAdHocSubcriptions setting in Azure AD.

We tried both enabling and disabling this setting, but it still worked for other unlicensed users except the particular user.

We had added the user’s account to the Security Group also.

After spending some more time, when we tried to search for that user’s account in Outlook Address Book, it didn’t give us any result, then we realized that the account doesn’t exist anymore in the Tenant.

Hope this helps..


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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