A glance of the “OnLoad” event on a Model Driven App form (Async OnLoad event)

Interesting article that shows usage of appsetting and settingdefinition in DataVerse

XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM )

This blog will discuss a potential upcoming feature that is related to the “OnLoad” event of the forms for a model driven app. The goal is to look at the process of turning this event from synchronous to asynchronous using the “app settings” component. Also, some benefits of implementing an asynchronous logic on the “OnLoad” event will be illustrated.

Please note that, at the time of writing, the documentation points out that the “OnLoad” event is only synchronous. So, not all the following is supported yet. Hopefully this new feature will be documented and available to everyone soon.

Microsoft Docs (OnLoad Event):

The form OnLoad events are synchronous. However, you should not make synchronous network requests in an OnLoad event handler. This can cause a slow save experience and an unresponsive app. Instead, you should asynchronous network requests. Using asynchronous requests will dramatically improve the performance of form loads…

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Azure Synapse Link / Export to Data Lake Service – Performance (initial sync)

Recently we configured the Export to Data Lake service for one of our projects.

Just sharing the performance, we got during the initial sync.





Custom entity


The sync started at 11:47 A.M and was completed around 4:50 P.M. – around 5 hours i.e. 300 minutes

Let us consider total records synced as 3975000 – 1613446 + 2362581 + 2 = 3976029.

So the performance here comes down to

  • 795000 records per hour
  • 13250 records per minutes
  • 220 records per second.

Of course, it will vary depending on the specific environment, table / entity type, attributes in it etc. it gives us a rough idea.

Hope it helps..