SSIS: Mapped Network Drives and Accessing remote files on network

Masud Ahmed

In short, avoid using mapped network drives inside your SSIS package for things like file paths, control flow settings, log file locations, etc… Instead use UNC path notations. (serversharedirectory)

Why? Well, if you’re always running an SSIS package by hand using dtexec.exe, or through Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), dtexecui.exe, etc… you don’t really have to worry about this. However, if you’re running the package via a scheduler such as SQL Agent, you’ll run into perceived permission problems, or reports that files cannot be found. The issue with schedulers such as Agent is that they run under a “service account” that does not have access to mapped network drives.

Mapped network drives are set up for your user-session when you log on to a computer. Even if you log in with the same account that the SQL Agent service uses, the service will still not have access to…

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Search this view capability on Grid in Dynamics 365

Search this view capability which was added in the product with 2020 Release Wave 1, searches on the fields specified in quick find view, but takes into consideration the selected view definition, when performing the search.

This is enabled by default.

Here Search this view will perform the search within the selected view i.e. All Contacts in this case.

The results show 3 records found within the All Contacts view, for the search term “alex”

The same search term returns blank in the case of Inactive contacts is selected.

The same applies to the sub-grids

To turn off this, select Yes for Use quick find view of an entity for searching on grid and sub-grids from General tab of System Settings

After applying the above change, we can see the text renamed to Quick Find within the Search Box.

Searching now, irrespective of the view selected, will perform the search across the records as per the definition of Quick Find view.

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Hope it helps..