Scripting AzCopy for automated upload

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Today we will discuss how we can use powershell & script the azcopy to upload the files to azure.

This can be used for office 365 pst imports or other work that you do.

Here is the Code Snippet from one of my office 365 scripts to upload archives & also do error checking.

#################Azure Upload#################
$log1= $log[1]
Write-Host “Channging directory to azcopy” -ForegroundColor Green
cd “C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsAzureazcopy”
$azcopy = .AzCopy.exe /Source:$source /Dest:$SASurl /V:$log1 2>&1
Write-Host “Azcopy finsihed – check logs” -foregroundcolor Green
ProgressBar -Title “Azcopy finsihed – check logs” -Timer 10
$azcount = select-string -Pattern “Total files transferred” $log1
$az=$azcount -split “: ”
if ($az[1] -ne $count)
Write-Host “$az[1] and $count are not equal” -ForegroundColor Red
Add-Content $log[1] “$az[1] and $count are not equal Check WI for further instructions”
ProgressBar -Title “$az[1] and $count are not equal Check WI for further instructions – Exit” -Timer 10

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Open forms, views, and dashboards through URL in Dynamics 365 Mobile / Tablet App

Recently we had a requirement to open an existing lead record within the Dynamics 365 Mobile App from another app.

Using the application handler for mobile clients this can be achieved.

Custom browser protocol –

We can either open an empty create entity form or an existing record by passing the GUID of the record.

Similarly, we can open a view and dashboard.

Below is the URL format

ms-dynamicsxrm://?pagetype=[entity/view/dashboard/create] &etn=[EntitySchemaName]&id=[GUID]

ms-dynamicsxrm://?pagetype=[entity/view/dashboard/create] &etn=[EntitySchemaName]&id=[GUID]

To open an existing lead record we would use the below URL

ms-dynamicsxrm://?pagetype=entity&etn=lead&id= e5975ea3-531c-e511-80d8-3863bb3ce2c8

Say for e.g. below is the lead record we want to open in the Dynamics 365 Tablet app from a desktop application.

The Windows Form Application –

On the click of the Open Lead button, the lead record is opened in the tablet app as shown below

In case we are not logged in to the app, it would ask us to sign in first and after successful login, it will open the lead record.

The same from an HTML page

The same is the experience for the mobile app.

Clicking on the link in the browser opens the Dynamics 365 Mobile App with the lead record specified in the id.

Similarly we can open a View, Dashboard, or the Create form for an entity.

Get all the details here –

Also check out the custom workflow activity for it

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Hope it helps..