Reports in Dynamics CRM 2013

List of OOB reports in CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 includes reports that provide useful business information to the user. These reports are based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and provide the same set of features that are available for the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports. The report definition (data and layout) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports are contained in an .rdl file, and the contents of the .rdl file conform to the Microsoft SQL Server Report Definition Language Specification.

1. System Reports (Out-of-box Reports):

Dynamics CRM 2013 comes with 25 out-of-box reports for viewing your business data. The following table shows a list of available reports and what data they get when you run.

Account DistributionIdentify patterns in top revenue-generating accounts.
Account OverviewView a one-page overview of an account.
Account SummaryView a chronological summary of an account.
ActivitiesDisplay a list of activities.
Campaign Activity StatusTrack campaign…

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