Business Unit in CRM 2011 – New features

Hi here i am just putting down all the new features that i have found while learning about business unit in CRM 2011.

Root business unit can now be renamed.

As in CRM 4, we cannot delete or disable root business unit. If we try to delete it we get the following message.

If we try disabling the root business unit we get the following message

Let us create a new business unit and try deleting it.

Again the same message that we need to disable it before we can delete it.

Clicking on Disable from More Actions, disables the record and clicking on delete deletes it.

A default team gets created for every business unit having named same as the business unit.

The user that belongs to business unit automatically becomes the member of the default team created.

If we try removing the member added to the default team, we get the following error message.

And if we trying adding members to it, we get the following error message

We can write workflows and dialogs against business unit entity.

When a BU is disabled: – Although the Users cannot access MICROSOFT DYNAMICS CRM, the user records themselves are not removed or disabled. Therefore, the licenses of those users will not be withdrawn. If a user is disabled when the Business Unit was disabled, the user must be enabled before he or she can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM after the Business Unit is enabled.

Before we can delete permanently a Business Unit, you must remove any child Business Units, Users or Teams. This can be done by deleting or re-assigning them individually, or by using the Reassign Records option as mentioned above. The exception to this is the default team of the Business Unit, which will be deleted with the Business Unit. Facilities/Equipment and Resource Groups do not have to be removed beforehand (though they can be if you want to preserve them).

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Hope this helps.


Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

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