JavaScript to hide left navigation from form in CRM 2011

Use this

Things below were applicable for CRM 2011’s CTP Version (unsupported)

We can use the following JavaScript to hide the left navigation pane from form in CRM 2011

function LeftNav() {

// hide the left navigation pane

document.getElementById(“crmNavBar”) = “none”;

// after hiding the crmform’s content panel moves to left

// to set it back to full width set the colspan

document.getElementById(“tdAreas”).parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.colSpan = 2;

// show only information section in the form

// hide the related section and the table below it.

document.getElementById(“crmFormNavSubareas”) = “none”;

document.getElementById(“crmFormNavSubareas”) = “none”;


Hope it helps !