Updating account record using Oracle\Siebel CRM On Demand Web Service in .NET


To update the Account record we need to first add web reference to the account.wsdl.


Than can make use of AccountUpdate method of Account Entity.


  // Login to the CRM server

            string loginUrlString = https://servername/Services/Integration?command=login”;

            // Get the valid Session id to be appended for each subsequent request

            String sessionID = ManageSession.Login(loginUrlString, @”orgname/username”, “password”);



                // Download the account wsdl from the Admin section of the CRM application

                // Add web reference to the wsdl

                // Create the instance of the opportunity entity

                Account myAcc = new Account();

                myAcc.Url = https://secure-ausomxapa.crmondemand.com/Services/Integration;jsessionid=” + sessionID;               

                // Create the instance of Account Data

                AccountData[] myAccData = new AccountData[1];

                myAccData[0] = new AccountData();

                // the order number to be updated

                myAccData[0].stOrder_Number = “orderNumber”;

                // the id of the account to be updated

                myAccData[0].Id = “orderID”;

                // creating ListOfAccountData object

                ListOfAccountData myLstOfAcctData = new ListOfAccountData();

                myLstOfAcctData.Account = myAccData;

                // using AccountUpdate_Input

                AccountUpdate_Input myAccUpdateInput = new AccountUpdate_Input();

                myAccUpdateInput.ListOfAccount = myLstOfAcctData;

                // using account’s Accout Update method to update the record               

                AccountUpdate_Output myAccntUpdateOutput = myAcc.AccountUpdate(myAccUpdateInput);


            catch (SoapException ex)



            catch (Exception ex)





That’s it …

Author: Nishant Rana

I love working in and sharing everything about Microsoft.NET technology !

11 thoughts on “Updating account record using Oracle\Siebel CRM On Demand Web Service in .NET”

  1. Hi,
    I have SIEBEL CRM ON DEMAND web interface, I need to know what database is being used underneath to store the actual data. How do I do that?

    Secondly, Is there a way to get the Data Model being used by SIEBEL CRM on demand system to store data?


  2. Hi Nishat,

    Thanks for this really useful website and ‘to the point’ information that saves a lot of time.

    Normally when I run into issues, the customer services ask for SOAP trace whereas all I have done is generate the proxy classes in C#.net and calling functions to query the data. How can I provide them the SOAP messages or SOAP trace so that they can investigate things at their end?

    Thanks, Owais


  3. Hi Nishant:

    This is the first time I’m trying to use CRMOD web services. In your example you create an instance of the Account entity. I tried to do exactly the same but then I noticed that Account is an interface and not a class in the Object browser.
    Any ideas why is that?



  4. Hi,

    Can I query Contact based on a telephone number? I can query account with fname and lname, but not with telephone number. Most probably I’d be mistaken somewhere.

    Have you ever did that?

    Waiting for your comments



  5. Hi Nishan,
    Need help on a small Siebel integration project.
    Read customer information from Siebel
    Update customer information in Siebel

    Using Web-services.

    if interested to take this small project, please e-mail me ASAP.



  6. Hi,

    I am having problem with configuring endpoint address to query the account records. Can any one have worked on it, please send the sample code here, following code does not work at all, the Url property is removed and Account class has become interface and new class introduced AccountClient.

    Account myAcc = new Account();

    myAcc.Url = “https://secure-ausomxapa.crmondemand.com/Services/Integration;jsessionid=” + sessionID;



  7. i want to know how to fetch build in child object like opportunity team , opportunity partner of opportunity using web service 2.0


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